Tampa used motorcycles – Info

FIN (Find It Now) has provided me an Early Warning Security System that truly is that. “An Early Warning Security System”. Alarms and locks are only roadblocks and serve no purpose if you are 500 or even 5 miles away. You will not hear it and you can not prevent it. FIN texts and emails you within seconds letting you know your bike is being moved. You can be 5000 miles away and still know if someone is tampering with your bike. You can track it 24/7 in actual “real time” and locate it if it has been taken. It even has a built in back up battery so if your power has been disconnected, you can still track and locate it. I even took it off my bike and put it on my ATV for 2 days while hunting. I did not even have to install it on my ATV. I zip tied it to the plastic and used the back up battery to track it. I never even hooked it up to power.

Now here is where my personal story fits in. I live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I went away for the holidays and a day after Xmas I got a text saying my bike had been moved. I freaked out and called my neighbor and sure enough someone had broken out the side window into my garage where my bike was parked. The potential thief was not caught but was scared off by my neighbor. This happened about 11 pm and thanks to FIN and my neighbor my bike and anything else in my garage the thief could have made off with was safe. It did cost me $60 for a replacement window, but I was happy to spend the $60 in this case.go to the website Tampa used motorcycles.

This was the best money I have spent in quite some time. I have been in contact with the people at FIN and told them my story. Very nice people by the way… they ended up sending me a few very cool Koozies and pens and thanked me for calling.

I wrote this to let you guys know that there are still good people out there that sell a good Product and in my opinion, FIN is one of them and I am happy to let others know about it.

Hello all….I am a long time rider and have owned many bikes over the years. I presently own a 2006 Honda VTX1300 and a Polaris 2007 Sportsman 500 ATV. I bought both new and they are both in VERY good shape.I put FIN on my VTX as I have about $3000 worth of add ons and it has been cleaned and detailed weekly since new. I mean CLEANED. I am a believer and sure you will be too once you see all the other things you can do with it and all the other features. Oh yeah…I even got a discount on my insurance that will even help pay for FIN. Take it from me as it is worth a look. Ride Safe!