Common Oral Health Misconception

We brush and floss regularly but still the fear of dental problems is always there. Amidst such issues, there are a lot of misconceptions which constantly surrounds us. So keeping that in mind let us now know the popular misconceptions related to oral health and their actual facts.

  • Oral health has nothing to do with general health: We generally believe that oral health is wholly and solely dedicated towards our teeth and has no impact on our general health. However the truth is that problems which breed inside our mouth can be a strong indication that something is just not right with the rest of the body. As per popular researches gum disease has been linked to other medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and strokes. So take care of your mouth as it will give you the best smile and eventually best health.see this website¬†common dental issues that people face.
  • Flossing is optional: Well not at all!! It is extremely important that you floss your teeth right after you brush. Brushing will fight with plaque and flossing will help in removing the food debris thus ensuring healthy mouth and proper oral health. Not only that once the food debris is removed you also get fresh breath and it will also avoid further buildup of plaque.
  • Gum Disease: This is where many patients get everything wrong related to oral health. Firstly they do not consider it as a serious problem related to tooth decay. It is a serious problem and gets easily noticed. If you leave gum disease untreated then it will take shape of periodontitis where-in your gums become loose and you will suffer from tooth loss or even tooth extraction. Another misunderstanding related to gum disease is that the gums are affected only if they are bleeding and if it is not bleeding while brushing it means that the gum is not affected at all. However swollen or soft gums can clearly point to the fact that the gums are infected and in an attempt to clean them if you brush too hard they will end up bleeding. So do not exert pressure no matter what condition your gum is in.
  • Dental Braces: A common oral health restorative procedure is dental braces. Crooked, overcrowded or tooth which protrude too much need to have this dental appliance fixed to their teeth. Adults generally do not prefer them as it does not support the look of the face however the fact that we need to realize is that braces help a great deal in realigning your teeth. In case you do not opt for them then the problem will worsen. It is not necessary that you get the metallic braces fitted. If your budget allows then you can get ceramic braces or Invisalign fitted to your teeth.

Concluding all the above stated points – You have to observant enough regarding your teeth and gums. The more observant you are the more chances are that you will not suffer from bad oral health. Make sure you visit a nearest dental clinic for regular check up.