Solar Panel Electricity

Solar panel electricity is very popular these days for many different reasons. With summer’s higher temperatures the current electrical grid has a hard time keeping up with the demand;we’ve seen rolling blackouts in the past when the demand was too great. As the price of oil continues to raise with little to no hope that it will level or stabilize any time soon, the cost of electricity, it is safe to say will only raise as well making it harder and harder for families to pay the bills. Solar panel electricity just makes good sense these days with all the advancements made in solar energy it’s become affordable, reliable and efficient and that’s without even talking about the positive environmental contributions of solar energy.

Solar panel electricity is easily generated even on the few cloudy days because the solar panels use the sun’s light and not heat to make electricity, this making Costa Mesa a great market place for generating with solar, your own electricity. Besides the monthly cost and savings you will see by investing in your solar power system, you may be able to take advantage of substantial tax credits and rebates you can be eligible for on the state and federal level. Your local city and state also, have a wide range of incentives that when combined can save you a considerable amount of money. Your local utility supplier often offers an excess electricity buyback program that puts money in your pocket for your unused electricity when needed if your solar system qualifies. To take advantage of the excess electricity buyback program your solar panel electricity system will have to be connected to the grid so the local utility can gain access to your own generated electricity. cost of the whole process

When considering solar panel electricity it is a great idea to have an energy audit done before determining the size of system your home or business will need. An energy audit will help with ideas on where you need improvements in the home or business in order to maximize your savings. Some old appliances like your water heater, washer and dryer and dishwasher may need to be replaced with new or newer energy star branded units. Some older homes have insulation factors that are not update a lack the efficiency of new insulation. The attic and subfloor are most often accessible and can be easily replaced helping with lowering the electric demand for the house or business. Changing out the incandescent light bulbs and using energy efficient fluorescent bulbs will save you a great deal of money in time and save on watts needed to light up your home or business. Caulking around windows and doors is a very important step that should not be over looked because so much energy is lost here. Once an energy audit is completed and the changes are made you will be surprised to see the overall drop in watts needed to run all your electric needs.