Know More About Small Business Website Metrics You Need

It is important to have insight into visitor activity to a Website. The value of Website metrics in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) cannot be overstated. Website optimisation should not be based upon guesswork alone – implementing all the SEO tips you can find can only go so far. Without the facts and figures, you will be working blind. Knowledge of the visitors will enable you to make the best decisions in fine-tuning your Website. Equally important is to quantify and evaluate the resulting changes to visitor traffic, after each optimisation attempt. The Search Engines are becoming more and more sophisticated. The number of competing Websites increases daily, and they in turn are becoming more refined in their approach to SEO. As a result, Website Metrics are needed more today, than ever before.I strongly suggest you to visit small business website metrics you need to learn more about this.

The Target Audience

There are a large number of Websites that fail to meet expectations because their Target Audience has not been correctly identified. Even when the Target Audience has been correctly identified, a low conversion rate may occur due to the Website unwittingly attracting the wrong class of visitor. Correctly targeted, quality traffic is the life blood of a successful site. If you can get an accurate picture of who is visiting your Website, you have a good chance of improving the quality of the website traffic. The odd page may have to be rewritten, if most of the visitors to that page are transient. But if the majority of the visitors to a website are not the desired audience, the emphasis of the entire Website may need to be redirected. This could happen, for example, if many of the visitors come from the wrong country or if their stay in the website is fleeting and they look no further.

Volume of Visits

It is always pleasing to see a constant stream of visitors to a Website. But how effective is the Website in attracting quality visitors? The best way to judge this is the length of time that the visitors spend on the Website, and how many pages they visit. These key statistics should be monitored regularly.

The objective is to make the Website and its pages appealing – and decrease the number of single page visits

The Landing Page

Almost any page could be a Landing Page. It is useful to have Statistics on the most popular pages. The goal of these pages should be to inform and invite the visitor to look further – and thereby increase conversion rates.

Returning Visitors

It is important to have sufficient pages of interest and pages that are updated frequently, so that visitors will return. Returning visitors are already attracted by your Website, and the visit is more likely to result in a sale. The number of returning visitors is a very important statistic, well as identifying which pages are the attraction.

Segmenting Activity

Most Websites offer multiple services or multiple commodities. Website statistics divided into segment lines can identify non-performing pages.

Historical Progress

Important metrics are the hit rate and conversion rate over a period of time. These should be related to the SEO improvements and Search Engine releases.

Monitoring Spider Activity

To quantify any changes made to the Website, it is helpful to know exactly when a bot has spidered the website. To do this, the publish date (the date that the latest version of the Website was uploaded) should be placed on each Web page. Any change to the publish date that is shown when viewing the cached version of a website page, needs to be monitored. When a change occurs, the effectiveness of the latest SEO tweaks can then be determined.

Free Analysis Software

Use StatCounter for detailed Website tracking statistics. These include Popular Pages, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Keyword Analysis, Search Engines, Country/State/City/ISP, Browsers, etc, etc. Even the screen resolution can be monitored. All this is vital information for the Website designer and for SEO. The Google Analytics software provides details of website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It has custom reports, charts and statistics to help with Website fine-tuning. To enable the tracking software, JavaScript text needs to be inserted into the HTML of each page. If you are using an ASP Master page, this only has to be included once.

Home-grown Metrics

The programmer, using ASP.Net, Visual Basic and SQL Server, can extract, store and graphically display all the information needed for SEO. Statistics can also be derived for file sizes, and Network and Server performance at full load. The country and provider can be obtained from the IP Address, using readily available conversion databases. The Home-grown solution is ideal where the wealth of information available has to be tailored specifically to a company’s requirements.