How To Strengthen Your Nails-Insights

Your nails, while strong, can be made weak by improper filing or finishing. With that in mind, here are some fun tips that tell you how to file your individual nails. File the tip of the nail similar to the shape of your nail at it’s base. Curve the nail tip gently, leaving the sides straight and thus strong. Your nails grow in regular soft curved rows out from the nail-bed. When you break into those rows you weaken the sides of your nail and open them to tearing or splitting apart. You weaken your nails most if you file them down to the cuticle at the sides. Click this weblink.

When you leave the sides of the nail strong, when you then apply polish, the polish tightens the nail curving it gently to the nail looks thinner, beautifully rounded and more natural. The curve at the tip is rounded perfectly. This fun fact makes even professionals smile.

To file, move the file from each side toward the center. Avoid a zigzag motion across the top of the nail. Nails just slightly longer than the tip of your finger are attractive and easy to care for. However, nail-length is a balancing factor. Nail-length can make short fingers look longer. I find women like the length of nails that brings their finger length to ideal balance. This inner awareness of personal balance still amazes professionals. It is so consistent with clients.

Also, refrain from “over-finishing” the tops of your nails. This can make your nails weak or even hurt. Let the nail polish fill in the gaps and ridges. These tips will help you maintain strong, healthy and beautiful nails for a lifetime. Try these techniques to help you maintain your nails.

Marilyn Starr Harris is the multiple author of “Unlocking Your Beauty Code” and “The Diet of Light and Life”. She is an international beauty expert with over 30 years of experience and competition. Owning multiple patents in science and color, Marilyn has set a new standard for beauty and how it affect the person.