Guide to Choose Projectors

Projectors have become staples in meeting rooms and classrooms in these modern times. More and more people are also considering this innovative technology in their own home as a source of entertainment or an integral part of their great home theatre system. When it comes to projectors, the market is diverse and brands compete closely to gain the biggest share of a growing market. As consumers, it can be challenging to choose which projector to choose. Is it in terms of brand, type or functionality? With so many brands and a wide range of products available today, choosing one and being confident about your choice will require more informed choices and understanding of how projectors work. Here’s a guide that aims to help out consumers.¬†Feel free to find more information at this complete guide.

What Are Your Needs

It is easy to just buy a projector from a good manufacturer that fits your budget. However, many fail to consider how they will make use of the projector. Will it be for classroom setup or home theatre system? Are these for meetings and trainings or audio-visual projection in concerts and events? Oftentimes, technical specs may seem like jargon but they represent a certain compatibility and cater to a specific use. Most manufacturers and retailers sell a full-range product line which means they have entry-level projectors, mid-range, and high-end units for more advanced projection. It’s good to understand your needs and know whether you would need a basic entry-level, mid-range, or high-end unit.

Entry-level – Projectors under this category are the cheapest in the product line. Well-recognized manufacturers would offer basic specifications and good enough brightness, contrast ratio, and standard connectivity and features which cater to small to medium-sized meeting rooms with low natural lighting. Do not mistake this for cheap and unheard of brands that are sold at $300 or less. The best entry-level projectors would be around $650 and higher. Always choose reliable brands to get good value for money.

Mid-range – Presentations that are clear and crisp in text and graphics even with natural lighting fall under mid-range category. This is great for home theatre systems, gaming, film showing, and educational videos in classrooms, large meeting rooms. This is generally ideal for bigger settings and larger screens. The design was purposely built to cater to such demand for better projection. The display must be clear and crisp from the guys at the front row until the ones at back. This is also great for trainings and seminars wherein presentations of charts, graphs, and spreadsheets need to be displayed perfectly on the screen for clear visual experience.

High-end – Concert and big events with massive visuals would require high-end projectors. This is how the best of graphics is displayed. Club and bars, sports arenas, musical events, conferences, and other big functions would benefit from this type of projector. They can display graphics and text perfectly on the screen for multiple attendees and audience. True enough high-end projectors are quite expensive because of their capacity, performance, and advanced features.